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Website Hosting

Website Hosting Service

Complete website hosting solutions

As website hosts, we at Techgate Inc help you make your website accessible on the web. We provide you with an exclusive space for your website. This space is permanently allocated to you to spare you the annoyance and inconvenience of a shared hosting.

What we do

We offer our clients a permanent space on a server owned and maintained by us. Clients can take up server space in accordance to their business requirements. Subscribing this service adds to your business advantage as you have one stop solution for both web hosting and our other website services. We extend technical support along with website hosting services.

Our Service

Reliability: Our services are exceedingly reliable with minimal downtime.

Round the clock technical support: We are always there to offer technical support.

Space Availability: We offer you exactly the space you need for your website hosting.

Multiple Domains: We allow you the liberty of creating multiple domains and sub domains.

Admin control: You get full control and independent accessibility to your server space.

Easy to use control panel: We ensure a user-friendly control panel and management tools.

Add-ons: We offer our clients a month of free support.

Inexpensive solutions: Our world-class website hosting services are a great value for fair price.

More on website hosting

Having a reliable web host gives your website the necessary security. Your web-related business activities need a dedicated server for operational practices. Without secure and enough space on a server, it is not possible to have a functional website. A reliable and secure web host allows your business to conduct marketing activities that help your business grow.