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Technical Support & Maintenance


Expert Technical support and maintenance services

After the successful completion of a software development project, one needs to consider maintenance, consumer queries and implementation of further changes. A functional business would not have the time and resources at hand to handle end-user issues, queries and complaints regarding their software application if any. However, it is necessary for business owners to consider providing round the clock system availability and support to the users.

We at Techgate Inc understand that in spite of your dedication towards customer satisfaction, you may not be available 24/7 to attend to their issues. Therefore, we get you the much required application and software technical support and maintenance services.

Emergency Support

We are always there to take care of any glitches and fix any software related technical problems, offering monitoring services and 24/7 support.


Management is a large part of providing technical support and maintenance services. We act as a management team and handle all end-user issues. We also deal with risk management and prepare for some of the most challenging scenarios.

On-going maintenance and support

This includes making the necessary changes and adding features or updates. Fixing bugs, up-gradation, new features, re-engineering technical aspects and testing is carried out to ensure that quality is maintained.

Infrastructure Support

Managed infrastructure support and services

We follow a set of procedures for engagement and operational support in order to bring to our clients the required availability and security. We maintain your application operationally.

Our team at Techgate Inc has a track record of successfully completed projects. We ensure 100% satisfaction for you and your consumers. As reliable technical support and maintenance service providers, we strive towards keeping your customers happy with your application. We help you save a lot of time and money with affordable and reliable solutions.