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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Web Design

Fluid flawless experience of your website on multiple platforms

Online experience of your website on multiple devices including desktop, laptop, mobile devices along with many others:

Internet experience is not just limited to a desktop. With several devices serving as mediums to connect to the internet, an increasing number of people choose different devices to access your website. Your site needs to look great on any device. Website owners must ensure that their site is just as functional on hand-held devices like mobiles, tablets and notebooks as it would be on a desktop. This “device to device” compatibility is worked upon with an effective Responsive Website Design.

What we do

We at Techgate Inc develop customized strategies to ensure smooth user experience for your customers on multiple platforms. By creating pages that are effortlessly navigable to any screen size and device, we deliver simple responsive website designs that make your site user friendly. We provide seamless user experience of your website across multiple platforms. Key aspects like readability and fluid navigation are focused upon and elements like horizontal scrolling are removed. The call for action is simple and apparent in every design we create.

Our Service

Smooth Navigation: We ensure the fluidity during site navigation. The design offers easy navigability.

Zero Scrolling: We eliminate horizontal scrolling so users need not scroll horizontally for any resolutions and screen sizes.

Strategic Layout: The layout is created with keen focus and careful study on user experience.

W3C Credibility: We follow all W3C protocols and guidelines.

Multiple Platform Compatibility: The site is made easily adaptable to different screen resolutions, browsers and operating systems.

Standardized testing: Careful testing and evaluation is carried out using standard software testing life cycle.

Call to action: Call to action is effectively placed in a way that makes site users take the desired action.

Affordability: We offer best value at a fair price.

More on Responsive Website Design

Adaptability to changing screen sizes.

Consumers have several alternatives to desktop computers. We provide ability to browse but also shop, blog and use social media sites on their mobiles and tablets. The culture of browsing and shopping “on the go” places a lot of attention on online websites. Portable devices being light-weight are a popular choice with internet users. If your site is functional on a desktop and fails to deliver the same functions on a hand-held device, you lose a major chunk of visitors or potential customers. For this very reason, a responsive website layout is an important technical aspect to consider. Techgate Inc provides expert responsive website designs.