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Privacy Policy

Techgate Inc takes matters of client privacy seriously. We know that privacy is important to you. That is why we work towards safeguarding your information. We ensure that your privacy is not violated in any manner.

We protect your “sensitive information”. By “sensitive” we mean anything that is related to a person or anything that aids identification of a person.

(1) Purpose and Application

Techgate Inc privacy policy complaint approach requires you to understand:

  • The role of data collection. This data may be personal or confidential information.
  • The importance of the prescribed retention period. It is important that law abiding practices consider this retention period.
  • The rights you have over accessing and controlling information.
  • Norms regarding the transfer of information.
  • The importance of having complete knowledge of the measures taken towards information security.

(2) Collection of information

Clients will need to provide Techgate Inc with certain confidential information. This information will be protected under applicable laws.

Techgate Inc will not conduct data collection without your consent.

Our clients have the option of withdrawing their consent. And the rights to discontinue the services for which the information was collected lies with Techgate Inc. Some of the information we receive may be passively collected through modes like Cookies.

(3) Collection of Information by Third parties

At times, under a lawful contract, third parties will be permitted to access your information on our behalf. Clients must note that these websites will have their own set of privacy policies and terms, which you will need to go through carefully. Techgate Inc does not hold responsibility for the privacy policy of third parties. Clients must pass their consent on to third parties at their own risk.

(4) Usage and Retention of Information

We maintain transparency by letting our clients know the significance of data collection and how the provided information will be used. We retain the collected information in compliance with business processes and laws.

(5) Access and Storage

Techgate Inc permits clients to access and review the information they provide. Clients can reach us at sales@techgatellc.com in case of any changes they need to make to the given information, updates and corrections.

(6) Disclosure and Transfer of information

Techgate Inc maintains confidentiality, expect in cases where the information is required to be disclosed or transferred under a law order by a government or law enforcement agency. In some cases we may do so without sorting your consent.

However, we ensure that the third parties that access your information do not transfer it further. Moreover, we do not encourage third parties to use your private information for their own business, unless they have your full consent.

(7) Handling of grievances

Techgate Inc privacy policy includes the handling of any queries and grievances regarding personal information. Write to us at sales@techgatellc.com for grievances related to collection, storage, access and security of your personal information. We will do our best to solve any concerns expressed.