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Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Get easy and affordable pay per click advertising solutions

Most people rely on the internet for information on various products and services, making internet marketing a platform that requires management strategies. Pay Per Click advertising are strategies aimed towards improving brand visibility. Your brand or business can benefit from exposure to a larger audience of potential consumers. We at Techgate Inc offer solutions that help generate revenue by drawing traffic towards your website.

Our Methodology

Most businesses are confronted with the revelation that their Pay Per Click advertisement is failing to generate quality leads. This entails that the brand owners end up paying for clicks that have no real conversion value. Our analysts at Techgate Inc understand that real value is added only when quality leads respond to your Paid Search Campaigns. We follow a result-oriented approach, wherein factors like Adwords quality score, cost per lead, cost per acquisition and net profitability matter a lot more than merely the raw number of leads.

Our understanding of business needs and effective methodology are the key reasons for the success rates of your clients.

How we help

  • Our analysts have a keen understanding of the online market. With the experience we have gained over time, we can guide our clients through the current internet marketing scenario.
  • In any market, improving and maintaining the position of a brand makes all the difference. We work on your positioning in the market so as to increase potential clicks.
  • We not only chalk out a campaign strategy, but also execute it with the best internet marketing practices. This gives you a more refined Pay Per Click campaign.
  • Targeting the right users is of utmost importance. To improve success rates, we help you draw the attention of only a relevant part of the audience.
  • At Techgate we base Bid Optimization on “propensity to convert”
  • Our analysts design and create some of the most competitive ad copies.

We have a record of managing ad spend of as high as millions of dollars. Our team is known for delivering results within a minimum of the first 30 days. The team consists of skilled analysts. Furthermore, an added training program is cleared by all team members before they begin to work on a clients’ Pay Per Click campaign.

Transparency and Communication

Transparency is one of your most valued principles. We believe in accurate reporting. We ensure that clients can always evaluate the performance of the advertisement campaign. Moreover, we help clients understand the steps we take towards improving performances. This we achieve by reporting all the aspects and factors that have a direct relationship with the success rates.

Detailed PPC Audit

For businesses that are running a paid advertising campaign at present, we offer free audits. We evaluate your current campaign and present a better understanding of the factors involved by highlighting key areas and the scope for improvement. Other than this, business owners can also opt for a paid audit. This involves presenting opportunities that will improve your cost per lead. For those spending more than $1,000, we offer a complimentary audit including a review of your Adwords account and recommendations.