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Multilingual SEO Package

Multilingual SEO

For most of us, changing the website language seems like the primary mode of obtaining a high rank on local language search engines like google.fr, google.de, google.co.jp etc. However, other effective methods can be applied to achieve the same results.


Optimizing a website would mean opening it up to a global market. As business owners with a global approach you will more than often have site visitors that speak, read and write in different tongues. Appealing to these consumers is equally important for you regardless of the language you choose for your site content. To bridge the lingual gap, you need not pay the exorbitant cost of creating separate multilingual websites, a Multilingual SEO Package will make your website search friendly for foreign keywords. We at Techgate Solutions creates multilingual entry page that is linked to your homepage representing the country flag. The entry page will have the same presentation, content and product descriptions in the language that you would like to optimize. The content will be written by professional native writers. This will add the much required appeal. The Multilingual Package also involves search engine optimization. We will then take steps towards optimizing the entry pages with keywords of the foreign language and high ranking content so as to increase the rank of the content on foreign search engines. To ensure that the content is not misleading, we will add a note that reads: “This page was intentionally translated in French (or any other foreign languages) to give you the idea of our products and services. We request you to conduct all further communication with us in English as we are not capable of answering in your native language”

We understand that a potential customer would take efforts towards reaching out to you in English regardless of their native language. A serious customer will definitely try and find out more about your products and services after going through your page in their native language.