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Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development Solutions and Services that empower your brand

Both consumers and businesses demand innovative applications that stand-out. Techgate Inc is just the right partner for your business’s mobile application development projects. Our team of mobile application developers includes experienced and skilled analysts, UX design experts and qualified software engineers.

Our across-sectors experience comes from our involvement with business domains like e-learning, e-commerce, navigation, VOD (video on demand) and internet TV among many others. The knowledge we have accumulated over the years can add value to your project.

We offer a wide range of mobile development services that cover all major platforms. These include operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Our Approach

The right approach can make all the difference. Techgate Inc combines an agile, low-risk approach with solid tools and operational strengths. We create state-of-the-art digital products using innovative as well as tried and true methodologies that guarantee success.
Our customers stand to gain several benefits from our rich and varied experience and solutions that are tailored to meet business objectives. The top 5 benefits of our mobile development services include:

Quick Results

In today’s highly competitive market, it is of paramount importance to deliver rapid results. We emphasize on rapid prototyping and incremental development. Our focused, result-driven approach is aimed towards completing or exceeding targets faster.

100% Transparency

We follow a transparent policy that allows our clients to fully be in control of the status of their project, recent developments, highly valuing client feedback. Our mobile development services include routine status updates, conference or Skype calls, email updates as well as onsite visits whenever necessary.

Better Quality

Maintaining and improving upon quality is always on our agenda. That is why our team of experts carry out testing procedures to discover software bugs and have them fixed earlier on. Each release is carefully examined and tested and customer feedback is taken into consideration for enhancing the newer versions.

More Business Value

The mobile application developers at Techgate Inc place special focus on features that are business-critical. These are developed first. Moreover, any requests for change are acted upon immediately. We ensure that the product meets the requirements of the stakeholders accurately.

Solid Guarantee

To ensure a risk-free project, we make additions of warranty clauses in every contract we sign with our clients. We offer a 6 month warranty to fix any defects that may show up after the completion of the project. The contract also specifies time and budget constraints.

To avail of our mobile development services for your project, drop us an email with a short description of your project and one of our mobile development team members will get back to your shortly.