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Link Removal Service

Bad Link Removal

Protect the Brand: Link removal service

Google search penalizes the websites with toxic links. The toxic links are links pointing

back to their domain or ‘Unnatural’ link profiles for the sole purpose to increase the search ranking.

This will impact the business for the customer traffic negatively and will tarnish the business brand and growth. Toxic links will also affect the google ranking negatively.

We offer link removal campaigns to cleanse sites of toxic links and retain or recover the business ranking and traffic.

Maintain your ranking by creating a Google (including Penguin and panda) algorithm compliant site with toxic link removal

Google, starting in April 2012, penalizes any sites with toxic links that lead back to their domain under a newly released algorithm. This algorithm, called Penguin, was created in order to check any links that are value-neutral to search engine users who come to the sites seeking informative pages.

Any link that is created only to increase search rankings is deemed unnatural as it doesn’t add any value to site visitors. Most sites will have these “unnatural links” from time to time. We actively manage the amount of unnatural links compared to those that are high-quality and run campaigns to remove the unnatural links.

Significance of Link Removal to build and protect the brand

The effect of the Penguin and all the subsequent algorithms has to be managed by website owners. To continue to enjoy organic reaches and quality visitor traffic, we have to work with the continuous Google updates and make changes to our approach otherwise website will experience decreased traffic and falling in the ranking.

It is very important to stay focused and understand what makes or breaks your ranking on Google. If not managed properly, you will notice a decrease in traffic or receive a warning from Google pertaining to your link. We will immediately take action to determine the links that are deemed unnatural and remove it.

Removing unnatural links is a great start towards recovery. To restore the brands name, accurate link profiles can be created.

Our Service

Our Link removal service helps the website recover from the decrease in organic traffic. Our initial steps are auditing and evaluating of backlink structures to find out which links are toxic. We then follow through with a custom rank recovery strategy.

Our service is a complete solution for the link removal service including link removal, link disavowal, sending recreation requests to Google, cleaning of link profile, creation of quality links and recovery of rankings.