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Infrastructure Management Service

Building infrastructure for enterprises

We at Techgate Inc design and execute infrastructure solutions for your information technology (IT). We chalk down effective organizational IT strategies for your business. Techgate helps clients get the most out of their IT investments by drawing from the extensive knowledge and experience we have collected through the years. This we manage by providing a strong infrastructural base that is reliable and cost-effective to our clients. Our infrastructure management services include systems, network and storage management.

Key facts

  • We work with businesses across-sectors. With our experience in retail, media and broadcasting, personal care and our exposure in fields like insurance, consumer banking, aerospace and finance we qualify as the perfect partners for businesses from varied fields for management of their IT operations.
  • We put some of the best tools and propriety processes to use in order to provide you with a comprehensive technology management platform.
  • Our alliances and partners help minimize costs, defects and maximize productivity.
  • Knowing that each business is unique in mission and vision we create tailor-made solutions that fit the needs of the targeted customers of your business perfectly.
  • Global footprint and integrated delivery networks.
  • We provide standardized services to global business by offering support in 25 languages and making ourselves available 24/7.

Our operating model involves automation, quality support, documentation, simplification and reviews. For on-going evaluation and improvement we combine Six Sigma, Lean and RCCA methods. We place keen focus on quality. With our impeccable experience and state-of-the-art tools coupled with a quality centric approach we successfully:

Deliver quality services that cater to clients all over the globe.

  • Improve the way you utilize infrastructure.
  • Provide clients with 24/7 infrastructure availability.
  • Guarantee end-user satisfaction.
  • Manage to reduce costs and improve affordability.
  • Boost visibility of your online venture.
  • Deliver operational efficiency to our clients.

Our end-to-end infrastructure management services and solutions include:

End-user computing services:

  • IT help-desk support
  • Desk side support
  • Desktop management services
  • ITSM (IT service management)

Infrastructure management services:

  • Enterprise computing services
  • Remote infrastructure management
  • Database and Middleware
  • Network
  • Vice and security services

Application Production support

  • Application portfolio analysis
  • IT process automation
  • Incident and problem management
  • Production engineering and middleware
  • Support
  • Application servers and web servers

Database Management services

  • Assessment and evaluation services
  • Build and implementation services
  • Run and maintenance services

We function within the principle of agility, flexibility to bring you end-to-end services that add value to your business. Helping our clients keep up with the market, we pave the way towards overall success.