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Ecommerce Channel Management

Boost product sales on shopping platforms that matter the most.

As an online retail merchant, your position on powerful platforms like Google, Google shopping, Amazon, eBay, Nextag among many others can make or break your e-commerce business. These platforms help draw in a lot of valuable traffic and revenue.

Having your products showcased on these sites is simple. However, attracting quality traffic and a cost per click model that guarantees conversions is entirely another matter. It is the conversions that count and bring in real profits to your business. With the ever changing online retail market, having a model that optimizes not only clicks and revenue but also overall profitability is eminent for a successful online venture.

Our e-commerce Channel Management Approach

At Techgate Inc our core aim is to amplify your online presence. Our marketing analysts are experts in e-commerce Channel Management and can help your business grow in a meaningful way.

We follow result-oriented procedures. Marketing structures like organic search and paid search can be time-consuming and costly. e-commerce Channel Management, the newest entrant in online marketing however, is capable of driving more targeted traffic and delivering converts at a higher rate. It is a groundbreaking solution that helps enhance exposure at a lower cost.

Our teams of experienced analysts apply e-commerce channel management solutions to ensure that your online retail store is aligned with all major platforms. We organize and align your ad campaigns in a way that drives the right visitors to important categories and products. We focus on influential shopping engines and marketplaces to bring you quality traffic.

Steps we take to optimize your product data feeds:

  • Routine extraction of product data from the e-commerce website’s shopping cart.
  • Keeping product information up to date.
  • Troubleshooting of errors in the data feeds if any.
  • Careful monitoring and management.
  • Amplifying product attributes.
  • Making improvements in product titles.
  • Making progressive changes to product titles to gain better results.

We also keenly emphasize on the technical aspects. Our team combines skills, experience and technology to create e-commerce marketing strategies that maximize sales and revenue. We make use of e-commerce marketing technology to erase any technical glitches or difficulties.


We believe in delivering results faster. Our e-commerce channel management services focus directly on getting maximum exposure for our clients. We apply nothing but the best tools and strategies. We use state-of-the art technology to get the results you desire within a short span. This includes industry leading e-commerce marketing software. We know that the right shopping engines and marketplaces can help bring in the flow of the right customers for your business. Therefore, we use these channels to your advantage. Our technology optimizes these channels and helps you expand to several profitable and less competitive pay per click shopping engines.

To further develop on your profitability, we create specialized data feeds of your inventory. This we achieve by using effective tools to drive revenue. Management is a major part of our solutions. We maintain and improve your data feeds and use methods that maximize the exposure of your products online.