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Domain Registration

It’s all in the name!

We offer domain registration services.

A name is the first and easiest introduction of your business to your clients. When you create your business website on internet, you will need to register your website under a domain name. Domain name is how your business will be recognized on the internet. Your online business success begins with choosing an appropriate name fitting to your brand for your website.

What we do

We help our clients with establishing the domain name as a valid entity on the internet. Our team of dedicated experts will manage the entire domain registration process of search, selection and purchasing domain names for your business.

Our service will also include forwarding traffic from one domain to another domain, set up sub domains, Email ids synced with your domain name, forward emails to other valid email addresses at no extra cost.

Our service includes

Authorization: The domains are registered in a completely legal and authority complaint procedures.

Mail List: We configure mail ids with your domain name

Status information: Accurate mailing and redirection statuses

Search Engine Optimization compatibility: We create domain structures that are favorable to SEO practices.

Great Value at a fair price: We offer this service at a fair price with great value for your business.

Multiple Setups: We can structure more than just one sub domain for you.

Admin Control: Transfer of admin control to your new domain.

Complimentary support: We provide our clients with one month of free support after the project is finalized.

More on web domain

Your business will be recognized by the domain name on the internet. Your clients will associate your business and brand with this domain name. In short, your domain name will allow your clients to find you over the internet.

You must take proper care to select a domain name just the way you would when selecting a home or an office address.

Extra care is needed in selecting an appropriate name that will represent you and will leave an impact with the clients.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide you with this important service in establishing your web presence for business growth and goals to succeed.