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Custom Application Development

Custom Software Development solutions

Techgate Inc offers unique, full scope solutions for your company’s custom software development projects. Our team of experts is experienced with helping start-ups as well as established businesses. We understand your time and budget expectations and assist you at every stage right from conceptualization, prototyping, development and deployment of your solution. Only the best practices are put into making your project a success and obtaining positive results. The solutions are engineered to deliver quality results.

Custom Software Development

Looking for a tailor-made product? Most businesses would need something that fits right in the line of their business aspirations. Our team at Techgate Inc can help you create custom software development solutions that meet your business requirements and are in sync with your vision, keeping in mind your corporate and internal communication patterns.

Software Product Development

Want to launch your own software product? Our analysts can lend the required external help to your internal team and guide you through the software development processes while providing access to our technologies and domain knowledge. This provides additional value to your project.

UX Design and Software Prototyping

Consumer involvement is a huge factor that determines the success of your software. We at Techgate Inc place our focus on user experience and customer satisfaction. This includes user experience elements like visual design, information architecture, human computer interaction and usability. By offering UX design and Software Prototyping solutions that improve usability, we help your business gain the loyalty of customers which in turn leads to the achievement of better results.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enhance ROI (return on investment) with Techgate Inc streamlined enterprise integration solutions. We use the right tools to accelerate implementation processes. The solutions help manage the data better and use corporate resources to the fullest.

Software Security Architecture

Information and data security is an aspect every business or brand owner must consider. Our custom software development team builds systems that safeguard information and corporate data. User information and confidential data is effectively protected from hacking and any unlawful breaches.

Software Re-engineering and Modernization

Our relationship with our clients does not end with the deployment of the custom software development solutions. Techgate Inc offers to update your project to make it up-to-date and maintain its lucrative status. We help boost the performance of your project and ensure that it goes hand-in-hand with your business plans. Have your solutions re-engineered and re-factored to perfection.