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BPO Services

We at Techgate Inc offer business process outsourcing services to small to large businesses. We introduce you to the important advantages of outsourcing.

Techgate Inc provides business owners with value laden BPO services that are cost effective. With reduced costs and a definite boost in productivity and outcome, you get the most of our outsourcing services. As service providers we place your success above all and put in all the dedication in winning client satisfaction.

Our BPO services are inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Data Entry services
  • Data Processing services
  • Data Conversion services
  • Data mining services
  • Data Extraction services
  • Data Collection services
  • Web research services
  • Scanning services
  • Indexing services

We have a lot more to offer our clients. Our main focus being fulfilling all functions a service provider performs, we cover all business processes. Be it core or non-core processes, we strive to manage them with perfection. We bring you error free services and excellent end-results at cost effective rates.

We understand that your core business functions matter the most. Our methodology dictates the much desired operational excellence that sets us apart from the rest of the market. The professionals help clients make calculated decisions by drawing from years of expertise and practice. With the invaluable support we provide, you make the best decisions.

Why choose Techgate Inc BPO Services?

  • We have had years of experience, making our guidance and intelligence invaluable.
  • We maintain a long term approach .We look forward to assisting our clients for years ahead, looking not only at present projects but also long term professional relationships with clients.
  • Our services being cost effective help you get a lot more than you put in. This is an advantage in terms of budget.
  • With us, you gain access to specialized, streamlined services that prove very effective.
  • Our understanding and experience add a lot of value to your business practices. We guarantee that your customers will be satisfied with the services we offer on your behalf.
  • Valuing the aspect of time, we offer quality services within shorter spans and deliver quick results.
  • Our team comprises of technical experts who are skilled with working with high-end technology and tools.
  • We offer impeccable infrastructure.
  • Only the most skilled, talented and experienced professionals are appointed to our teams.
  • Clients can benefit from a larger set of services.
  • We also take care of privacy safeguard your intellectual property rights.
  • With our help you can look forwards to a more global exposure.

Techgate Inc works on customization of solutions to keep the processes in sync with your unique business. You get quality, affordability and exclusivity coupled with security for your business processes.