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Restaurant Website Design & Marketing Solutions

Restaurant Website Design & Marketing SolutionsOur client runs a family restaurant based in NYC, serving Mediterranean food & has recipes cooked with organic ingredients imported straight from Greece.  This is a fine dining restaurant which is packed in the weekends.

The Problem

New York downtown being densely populated with several variety food restaurants and take away joints requires business owners to stand out in the crowd.

The Mediterranean restaurant runs well but has problem with finding new clients all time and at times the sales goes down, they wanted to use Digital marketing medium to connect existing customers as well develop new walk in customers, so as they have good business even on weekdays.

Our Solution

We found the business had a website which was designed way back 4 years ago, since then lot has changed and the website was not able to communicate to customers, they did had organic web traffic flow, but very few turned up to eat.   We build a custom dynamic new website which had great colors & easy user friendly interface design layout.  As the website was fully dynamic in nature they could change the content and pictures of recipes often this created lot of engagement with clients, adding social buttons allowed people to share recipe photo on social media, thus creating several likes and new customers started to walk-in to try their food.

While creating the website coding, we kept in mind the need to keep it search engine friendly so the website pages gets immediately index on Google.  We also added short video of the recipe cooking process views found it appetizing.

At the same time created keyword raking for important keyword phases, certain keywords was also promoted using pay per click methodology.


In last one year their business has gone up around 30% and they were able to get several return customers even on weekdays as they offered special discount an now had way to communicate efficiently using Web & Social media, they had spent around $25000 on new Website development and online marketing and saw new business growing around $100000 in one year.