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About Us

We are Techgate Inc a global Custom Software Developer & Digital Marketing services provider with clientele ranging from small to large companies across many business sectors, we cater to private & government clients within US, Canada & Europe.

Any profitable business from any industry needs powerful software  in this dynamic global and local business market. We provide our expert services in building application specific desktop or web application for several industry including Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Education, Medical & Healthcare, Automotive, e-Commerce Industry.

Our expertise are in areas of Desktop application, Mobile application, Web application, Custom Enterprise level solution, Independent testing services, Automation software, Legacy System Development, Software Maintenance as well as IoT application.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by our combined team experience, technical expertise to design and build powerful software to run your, our ability to deliver what you need in timely manner, customer satisfaction while offering most competitive pricing and speed.

Techgate Inc has setup offshore software development facility to cut development cost and time, we also offer dedicated IT teams for on shore development within US, thus allowing to deliver great value at fair price. Our creative inputs and innovative ideas will help your company in gaining a top stop at the search engine ranking. We have a robust team of experts that offer scalable solutions to fit your budget and size of the project.