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At Techgate Inc, our focus is to provide state of the art technology & customer service for your business. We can build customized software or mobile application based on your requirement. We have team of experienced software architect & programmers based in US and at our own offshore facility.

Since 2007 we have been delivering customers for several industry including Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Education, Medical & Healthcare, Automotive, e-Commerce Industry.

Our services include Desktop application development, Custom Web application, Mobile application, Enterprise level solution, Automation software, Software maintenance project, Legacy system upgrade, Data base optimization, Cloud service using technologies like Open Source like PHP, Wordpress, MYSQL and Microsoft. We are one stop shop for all your Software Development needs. Our solutions are scaleable and we work with you to customize the products to suit your timeline and budget.

We take pride in our professionalism, competence, skills, expertise and passion to provide such services. We also believe passionately in building synergetic relationship with customers to create the optimal solutions for their unique need.

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